Radically Different Care

The entire healthcare system is made to care for people when they’ve reached a crisis point. It’s why none of us think about the doctor until we’re sick. At Vera Whole Health we have a different approach.

The Vera model is built on the belief that healthcare should be about more than recovering from sickness, injury, or disease. It should be about staying healthy in the first place. The model has 3 keys elements: convenience & flexibility, primary care, and health coaching.

1) Convenience & Flexibility

vera 092314-22Wait times can be painfully long at a typical doctor’s office. We had this in mind when we created the Vera model – our goal is no wait times for patients with appointments. And as a patient, you’ll benefit from:

  • Convenient clinics, located at or near your organization.
  • Flexible hours built around your work schedule, open 40–50 hours per week.
  • Easy access — schedule same or next day appointments as available.

2) Primary Care Focused On Extended Time With Providers

Most people don’t have an established primary care physician. Those who do only see their physician for 5-10 minutes per appointment. We believe more time with your physician is better. In fact, you’ll spend the majority of each appointment at a Vera clinic with your provider (often 45-60 minutes).
When a provider spends extensive time with you, they’ll get to know you. This makes comprehensive things like physical exams, chronic disease management, and pediatric care so much more effective. It pays to have a physician who takes the time to understand your whole health.

3) Health Coaching That Works

We’re used to dealing with health issues when they come up. Health coaching is about taking proactive steps to mitigate risk factors, or avoid them all together.

We do more than a simple annual physical. Each of our clinics offers an 8 to 12-week health coaching program that will help you identify the behaviors and habits that are negatively impacting your health and help you change them. Our coaches are experts in behavior change and empower patients to own their health.

Our goal: help you change for the long-term, not just while you’re working with us.

On-Site Clinics, Extended Network

The majority of our clinics are located on site. This means employees can access them without even getting in the car.

In addition to your clinic, you have access to a an extended network of clinics (if you are in the Greater Puget Sound Region).

Vera And Your Health Insurance

Your Vera benefits work in parallel with your other health insurance. This means you don’t stop using standard health insurance, you’ll probably just use it less.